Protecting the Vulnerable


A2A condemns the sexual abuse by any Christian minister or church leader because this breaches their charge to care for and shepherd their flock on behalf of Christ. Thus, while no reference to A2A or its ministers was raised in the Royal Commission, we were greatly grieved by the reports that came out of the Royal Commission Into The Institutional Responses To Sexual Abuse of Children (, especially those involving churches and Christian institutions. Therefore, we applaud the establishment of the Redress Scheme as a means to provide a measure of requital to survivors of abuse. This Scheme was intended to be subscribed by those institutions named by the Royal Commission (of which A2A was not).

A2A was formed in 2012, and to the best of our knowledge we have had no instances of sexual abuse of children. Added to this we have made it a requirement that all of our ministers must undertake Childsafe Coordinator training, and it is a requirement that all leaders within our local churches who interact with children are required to complete Childsafe ® training.

After a period of deliberation by the National Leadership Team, where we considered legal advice, advice from our insurer, and advice from other denominations, we accepted that A2A would be joining the Redress Scheme. 

For further information on the National Redress Scheme please contact us at or the A2A office at