Organic Systems

We want our churches to grapple with how to create the energy to be at the edge, which allows churches to scale, to be pliable, held together by a shared mission and purpose, relationally driven and which can be multiplied.

We desire to transition from a sole focus on growth to fostering a culture of church planting multiplication. This way, churches of all sizes can embrace a culture of multiplication and actively engage in planting new churches and micro churches

To help churches adapt we encourage our churches to engage with Exponential Learning Communities and Enhance.

Exponential Learning Communities

In the learning community leaders will understand 5 different kinds of churches and how each has different challenges and blocks to becoming a church which multiplies.

"Churches should evaluate everything they do to determine how it can be done better." - Thom S. Rainer

Enhance Provides

an outside perspective to help you assess your church, to help it grow in health, vibrancy and Kingdom impact.

Through the Enhance A2A Church Consultancy package we will provide a picture of your current health and help you map out the road for growth into the future. 

The Enhance Process is:

Step 1:  Survey and consultation with the local church pastor and team.

Step 2:  Enhance weekend.  Information is gathered through targeted workshops and targeted observations.

Step 3:  Report is presented with recommendations of key issues and desired outcomes.

Step 4:  Coaching is provided to help implement key recommendations.

The Enhance Process