Ongoing Coaching


We want your church plant to thrive and not just survive and have found that one of the most critical factors to successfully planting is having ongoing coaching.

 We would normally expect the ongoing coaching to extend over two years.

 The coaching covers 5 key areas starting with Personal Coaching which picks up on the findings from the Planter Assessments that you will undertake.

 First of we will help coach you through the Planning stage where we will help you to plan what your church plant will look like and how to go about it, as well as developing a written Planting Proposal.

 We will then coach you to help navigate the Practicalities you will face. These will include issues like your legal structure, insurances, working with children and vulnerable people policies, ACNC registration and many other practical issues.

 Then we will help coach you through the Pre Launch phase where we will help you to develop a launch strategy, develop your launch team and bring shape to your future church.

 After your church has been planted, we will provide you with Post Launch coaching to help you to navigate the issues you will encounter as you lead and grow your new church.


“I can go further and faster with someone coaching me than I can on my own”
– Andy Stanley