A2A Mentoring

Be Innovative. Lead the Change with Strength.

Acts 2 Alliance is a movement bringing change to your personal leadership. 



As part of the A2A Mentoring Program, You will:

We Need Innovation.

To reach Australia and beyond, the church needs innovative leaders

Innovation requires strength, courage and wisdom. You were designed to run this race. As you run, let a mentor build into you so you complete the race well. Our A2A mentors are here to guide you through the hurdles of leadership and provide you with support and encouragement. Our mentors are all experienced leaders who know all about the challenges of being a leader in ministry. 

Our mentors are here for you. They ask questions about your:

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Tank
  • Relationships
  • Financial Health
  • Spiritual Health

And they ask the hard question:
“If you were to be taken out of the race, how would it happen?”

Our A2A Mentoring Team

You are also free to choose experienced mentors outside of the A2A Mentors Team. A couple of trusted options are:


PIM will connect you to a network of experienced mentors and coaches.


The ACMN will connect you to a network of experienced mentors


Brian Birkett (Springboard Consulting) has been in ministry for over 25 years pastoring in one large and one medium sized church. He has also lectured and led in Bible Colleges for about 20 years and had the privilege to minister in many nations, especially Asia, where he mentors denominational & church leaders in several nations.

He’s a person who comes alongside pastors and Christian leaders to build and strengthen them through mentoring, coaching, and counselling. His fields of expertise are in emotional health and well-being for pastors and leaders, spiritual formation, pastoral counselling and helping leaders flourish.


Dreams and ideas are given to us to ACTION.

There is a harvest waiting. Don’t miss out. 

By getting a mentor you will be healthier and stronger.

You will find a greater capacity to implement the dreams you have as a leader.

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