Innovators Table

Be an Innovator. Lead Change. Join a Table.


Join us in FEBRUARY 2022

Share your dream with like minded people.

Develop new ways of thinking. 

Get the tools to bed your dream down.

Be Empowered to Lead.

You Can Begin to Innovate

Most leaders are aware of the opportunity to create missional churches, it’s the innovation that get’s tricky.

You know you need to innovate, but you don’t know how.

This is why we are creating the Innovators Table.

It’s a place where you can share your big dream, test it out and strategize how to bring life to your dream.

We want you to feel empowered. Just like Dylan felt when he contacted us and said he wanted to plant a church. He  had a big idea, and in less than a year his dream was realised.


The Innovators Table will help you:

  • Provide you with a framework to think innovatively.
  • Bring your dream into reality.
  • Equip you with tools & support.
  • Empower you to lead innovatively.


We would love for you to be a part of one of our Innovators Tables and go on the journey of innovation with you!

What Happens at an Innovators Table?

Our Innovators Tables, consisting of 10 monthly online meetings, are being held in 2022, Thursday’s, running from 5pm through to 7pm, commencement date in February to be confirmed

At an Innovators Table you will:

  • Learn how to think innovatively
  • Have time to articulate your dream
  • Explore opportunities
    Set absurd expectations around your dream
  • Develop a strategic playbook
    Assess the blocks and likely future setbacks
  • Discover the tools for implementation
  • Discover the language which will sustain you along the way
    Meet some people who will become your champions

Meet Our Hosts

Mark Ansell

Mark’s spiritual gifts are leadership, encouragement, and teaching and he has been rigorously using these gifts over the decades to build up people so that they can achieve all that Jesus has individually called them towards.

Mark is passionate about coaching young and emerging leaders. Mark has a background in business and elite sport as well as 30 years in senior ministry roles and has post graduate qualifications in the coaching realm.

Tim O’Neill

Tim has a track record of successful innovation in both ministry and the business world. As well as providing leadership to A2A, Tim has in the past led a national Financial Services company and has been board chairman for a number of ministry and business organisations. Tim has also been a mentor to both ministry and business leaders.

Tim, with his wife Sharon, pioneered Tailrace Community church which owns and operates the innovative Tailrace Centre.


  • $250 per year (10 x 2 hour sessions) for A2A members or
  • $500 per year (10 x 2 hour sessions) for non A2A members


Bring A Friend & Save! 

Maybe you have a friend who shares your dream or has a dream of their own. Either way, a dream is always stronger when it can be shared. So bring a friend and start off strong.

"Building a global social platform for Bible readers has necessitated continuous innovation, both in method and execution. The innovators table has provided clear direction to our approach"
Matt Duff
Matt Duff
CEO, Carry Bible Labs

Sign Up To An Online Taster Table.  

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