Financial Kick Start

A2A will help you to develop a robust financial model for your church plant that includes applying for a Financial Kick Start to help get your church plant up and running. Having a robust financial model is a really critical part of preparing to plant a new church. The last thing anyone wants to see is a new church and its leaders struggling because of being hamstrung by a lack of finances.

There are several ways in which we can help you to develop a workable financial model for your church plant.

We will provide you with guidance about how to set a good budget with guidelines about how much should be provided for wages, proper expenses and other costs. This is critical to knowing where your church plant will be going financially. 

But to launch with a strong financial model requires more than this. In fact there are two problems that we want to help you to overcome.

The first problem is that too often a church planting pastor has a lot of uncertainty about whether they will receive a regular wage and whether it will be enough to support their family.

We can help you to bring certainty to the situation and to help ensure that you, the church planter has a steady and reliable income.

The other problem that we will help you to overcome is not having sufficient funds to buy necessary equipment and pay initial set up costs. We can help you to overcome this problem by arranging for a Financial Kick Start for qualifying church plants by way of a grant that will help pay initial expenses to get your church plant going.

“Most church planters are entrepreneurial problem solvers.”

– Brooke Hempell
  Barna Group

"I have been equipped with a solid theological frame work & practical leadership wisdom & have recently received a financial kick start to help us buy equipment, set up the legal entity and pay some initial costs. It’s been such a blessing! Not sure how it would have happened without it!"
Dylan Ball
Lead Church Planter, Foster Church