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The Emerging Leaders Initiative

Learn to be an Effective Leader with a Two Year Leadership Course Specifically designed for Young People

Dylan joined the ELI tribe in 2020, find out why you should join in 2021

Eliminate the Guesswork.

Leading as a volunteer or as a paid worker within the church can be difficult. The Australian context isn’t easy. But through the ELI leadership program you can eliminate guesswork and become a skilled leader. Leading ministries and churches with wisdom and skill.  Eliminate the guesswork and join the course today and bring the change you see to your context.

"Joining the ELI team and dedicating my time to learning and developing as a leader has been enlightening in so many ways. What has been most helpful is the way I continue to be able to implement or apply what I am learning in ELI into the day to day running of Catalyst Church, whether it be a practical issue such as time management or more of personal one where a team member needs to be heard and encouraged."
Angela Coto
ELI participant
"Young leaders have the potential to bring about innovation and change. You are naturally wired for God's big dreams. But what happens when you aren't taught the leadership skills? What happens when you can't put all that you see on the ground? Cue frustration, disillusionment and disappointment, right? This is where training can help. Through our course you get to train and practice, train and practice. You get to learn things and then implement them straight into your ministry. You can lead with more skill and wisdom then you currently have simply by joining ELI. "
mark ansell, innovators table host
Mark Ansell

 We Know What It’s Like To Be Busy.

This is why we designed this course for you. So you can minister and learn at the same time.

By Joining the Course You Will:

Learn Leadership – Experience eight challenging leadership coaching sessions. You will be linked with personal mentoring options.
Join Practicums – Four practicums will be held during the 2 year program, focusing on the overall ELI pathway and A2A culture.
Engage with Roundtables – There will be 4 thought-provoking roundtables held during the 2 years. These will take the form of guided discussions led by the highest level of experienced practitioners covering a variety of topics.
Stretch your Worldview – This exciting Canberra based 3-day event will provide important and relevant insights into our national heritage and conduct of government in Australia.
Build Character – This once in a lifetime event will promote character coaching through a fantastic team-building wilderness experience.

Simple Access

We have created this course so you can participate from your own place of ministry

Simple Time Out

Young leaders need time out from their own experience to view what God is doing elsewhere. So we have created simple time out’s from your own experience.

Simple Cohorts

Young leaders need cohorts. Others who can become friends outside of their ministry context. People who can inspire and push you to innovate further.

Leadership Begins with Learning

You cannot expect to lead a ministry or a church well without some form of training. This innovative two year leadership track will fast track your leadership development. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out, feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Join the course today and see what happens to the dreams and hopes on the inside of you.

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