Church Planting

Be the leader of a local faith community


Keep dreaming about the church and what it can be, but what are your next steps in getting the dream off the ground?



Imagine what it’s going to be like to get your church up and running:

  • Leading a local faith community
  • Being the answer to someone’s prayers for help
  • Empowering Christians to love their community
  • Creating change that has an eternal impact
  • Be on the front lines of what God is doing in our nation
  • Innovating and creating new churches
  • Engaging with your local community

Church Planting Made Simple

We have helped many church planters over the years and have searched world best practices in church planting. 
We have developed our processes to take you from dream to launch successfully.


church planting 1

Church Planter Assessment

Whether a person is suitably wired to be a church planter is critical to their chances of success. Whether they are eligible in terms of ministry experience and character is equally important.

Church Planting Made Simple Workshop

The next step for leaders and where possible teams, is to complete our Workshop where we will equip you to plant a church and unpack key issues and strategies relating to planting. We will also help you to understand what the healthy missional church you plant may look like.

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Planning2Plant Roadmap

A critical step in successfully planting a church is in developing a church plant plan.

We have designed the Planning2Plant road map to help you to do this.

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Financial Kick Start

Having a robust financial strategy in place is critical. Some of the financial resources can be gathered from the planting team, but there are also some grants available for qualifying church plants from a number of sources that are able to provide a kick start. We will help you source grants to give your church the financial kick start it needs.

Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing coaching is absolutely essential and it’s something we would insist upon if we were to help you to plant a church. We would normally expect the ongoing coaching to extend over two years.

Oscar Muriu presented some great insights into Church Planting at our 2019 Conference. Check out the principles from a master understudy of Christ that will have you kicking church planting goals like a pro.

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