2021 A2A National Conference

The A2A 2021 Conference was filled with so many great sessions and hi-lights and really was an amazing time. The good news is that you can now watch all the sessions on demand

A2A Movement Update – Love like Jesus – November 2020

A2A Movement Update – November 2020
Who would have thought 2020 would turn out like it has! It’s certainly been a year of uncertainty and change. But as we approach 2021, we have a lot of good news to share with you.
Whilst we have faced many extraordinary challenges this year, I’m very encouraged how many A2A churches have intentionally grappled with two critical questions during this time:
how can we love our communities as Jesus would? (the New Commandment)
how can we make disciples (the Great Commission

How to SOAP

Even today, the most significant way that God speaks to us is through the words of the bible. His words strengthen us, comfort us, guide us and allow us to learn more about and to grow in our relationship with Him. MOVE, A survey of  spiritual health amongst 250,000 Christians from over 1,000 churches discovered that: […]

A2A Cultural Distinctives: Innovative Ministry

Church Change

Innovative Ministry from Phillip Mutzelburg Whenever we articulate this very descriptive word “innovation” in connection with church work we are thinking of being a church that is ground breaking, advanced, or pioneering. This is our heritage, and something we should be proud of, and something we should determine to keep as distinctives in our churches. […]

7 Keys To Survive In Testing Times

How to survive in testing times is more than a big issue at the moment. It’s a massive issue for many causing great fear and anxiety. Here are 7 Keys To Survive In Testing Times that we hope will be of enormous help to you. I’ve lived through the stock market crash of…

Sandra – The one you refer to outside agencies

Youth Ministry Series: You Don’t Always See Immediate Fruit, by Amanda Waterson. This can be disillusioning and disheartening, but we want to encourage you because there is light at the end of the tunnel- even if the tunnel is very, very, VERY long. One of the toughest parts of youth ministry is to pour your […]

Pastor’s Wife

 …a phrase I have fought & hated for 25 years  From Sharon O’Neill “Pastor’s Wife!”  Now there’s a phrase I’ve fought and hated for 25 years. Name one other profession where the partner has this automatic tag line with a bucket load of expectation? I can’t think of one other profession. Nor can I think of […]

Interested in Church Planting But…

By Tim O’Neill   Interested in planting a church but don’t know whether it’s really for you or next steps about how to go about it? Well, you’re not alone. Many people asking these questions don’t know wherethey can turn to get help, or what resources are available to help them on their way. Having […]

How To Plant A Church That Reaches People

I’m wrapped that there is currently a resurgence of people around Australia asking how to plant a church that reaches people who don’t go to church.  This is an incredibly exciting time with so many men and women both young and not so young wanting to explore new ways of doing church and to discover new […]