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A2A National Conference 2023
19 – 20 October 2023

Venue – NewLife Robina

Spend time catching up on the National Conference in 2022 and missed the LIVE online streaming,
you can now watch these online.

Conference 2022 Feedback:

“So good to hear from Andrew and Kerrell Ranucci, so many good tips on a healthy soul.”

“Thank you Sharon O’Neill for the gift of presence and reminding us that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always kind.”

“Jonathon O’Neill, the spirit of Innovation to love our community. Lets find those opportunities to be present for the community we live and love in.”

“Thank you Joel and Carl for your gift to us this morning and an amazing breakfast with Joel and Julia.”

“Wasn’t Joel A’Bell’s message inspirational, Christ is innovating within us so that we innovate when we partner in ministry with him.”

“Loved the lessons on discipleship from Carl Mutzelburg and the tips from the legends in the forum. Thank you Marcy Paynter, Anita Rossow, Mark Fuhrmann and James Howes”

“A2A Conference 2022 opening night was sensational, thank you Julia A’bell for blessing us with your grace and beauty, what a gift to the church of God.”2022


A2A Conference