2020 A2A National Conference

2020 A2A National Conference

Invitation from Tim O’Neill

We are excited to announce plans for the 2020 A2A National Conference to be held at the Mantra on View in Surfers Paradise from Monday 27 April to Wednesday 29 April.

And we are thrilled with what’s planned! The feedback from the 2019 A2A National Conference was that it was the best Conference yet. It really was an amazing time with something in it for everyone; amazing teaching, inspiring worship, awesome fellowship combined with some incredible challenges. Many went away from the Conference with the conviction that they had heard from God to spend more time in prayer, to fast, to plant new churches, to…

This year we are convinced that the Spirit is urging us to take a slightly different approach to the Conference and we are believing already that this will be a watershed moment for our movement.

The focus for the 2020 A2A National Conference will be taken straight out of the book of Acts. We will be departing from tradition here and instead of having guest keynote speakers we will be hearing from a range of anointed speakers from across our movement speaking to us on key topics from Acts where we read about how the Holy Spirit came, filling the believers with passion and power, birthing the first church and Christianity, spreading like wildfire, with new church after new church being pioneered across the known world. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, well known church consultant John Finkelde will be taking 2 hour hands on optional workshops for pastors and their teams where he will unpack the practical steps leaders need to grow small to medium churches to the next level.

These workshops will be invaluable for the pastors and leaders of most of our A2A churches. Another tweak to the 2020 A2A National Conference is that we will be starting the conference on Monday at 5pm (instead of 7) with registrations from 4 and concluding the Conference on Wednesday evening instead of Thursday midday as we have previously. The venue will be the Mantra on View, which is in between QT (where we this year’s conference was) and the centre of Surfers Paradise. We are delighted to have found this venue and are confident that it will be the best venue yet for our Conference. 

Quality, affordable accomodation is available at Mantra on View for Conference delegates at very reasonable prices that offer a significant saving when compared to this years on site accomodation. Other great options are also available nearby. We also hope to be able secure low cost parking near the venue.

If you want to book your room now at Mantra on View, you can do so by CLICKING HERE and then emailing Mantra on View More information on other options will be on hand as we negotiate deals Excited for the 2020 A2A National Conference? … I am!

If you have any questions or want more information about the Conference, accomodation or how to book your place, contact Liz on 03 6327 4538 or at liz@a2a.org.au and she will be happy to help. I know that over recent years we have had a sense of anticipation that the next conference would be the best one yet, and we have never been disappointed.

I firmly believe that the 2020 A2A National Conference will be the best one yet, and that it will be an important time for our movement as we meet together, soak in the Word of God and receive from the Spirit of God. If you want to be a fully engaged and contributing disciple of Christ then this moment in history is for you If you are an A2A Credential Holder, your Registration Fee is already paid for you.

The Registration Fee for others is $250.00 If you’ve never been to an A2A National Conference before or retired it is $175.00 If you are under 30 your Registration Fee has been reduced to only $100.00