Acts 2 Alliance
A network of churches committed to loving Jesus and loving people
Encouraging one another
in a season of crisis and VUCA to change and adapt.
A2A is a relational learning Community
trying to help us seize the kairos moment.
God has a Harvest Field
there is always hope.
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A2A is a network of churches committed to loving Jesus and loving people.

We know we need one another to innovate.  We come together in relationship to encourage one another to see churches built that love Jesus and love people.

Leading a church in Australia isn’t easy at the moment.

The crisis for the church is multi-faceted.

Spiritual Crisis ​​

Pandemic of fear and anxiety, hatred and violence throughout society as well as within Jesus’ church

Missiological Crisis

The Churches credibility and witness before a watching world has been compromised.  Our corporate inability to deliver our message in a meaningful way has been spotlighted.

Theological Crisis

The church is being forced to take a serious look at our understanding of God’s nature and his kingdom purposes in the world.

Ecclesiological Crisis

A fragile, unfaithful and ineffective understanding of the church has been exposed.

Christological Crisis

The church lacks clarity on the nature of Jesus and the centrality of his character and purpose in every dimension of its affairs.

Source: MetanoiaAlan Hirsch.

But challenging times also present new opportunities to reach people, make disciples and plant churches

The world and the church is experiencing VUCA.

There is a problem God is asking us as leaders to help solve.

In 2016 50% of Australian churches were in decline (NCLS).​

By 2021 this figure has risen significantly.​

If current trends continue by 2030 the number of Protestant churches will decline from 10,000 to 7000 churches.

In 2016 2.5% of Protestant Churches were closing per annum.

We estimate that by 2021 5% of Protestant Churches were closing per annum.

But there is also great opportunity.

We know there are strong reasons for hope.  If we can seize the Kairos moment we can change this story:

76% of Australians believe the church makes a positive difference to their community.

3 in 10 Australians are most likely to attend a church service if invited by a friend or family member.

90% of Australians believe in the freedom to share their religious views.  

Source: “Australia’s Changing Spiritual Climate”, McCrindle Research. 

By Coming together relationally we want to help one another seize the Kairos moment.

We know we need one another to innovate.  We come together in relationship to encourage one another to build churches who love Jesus and love people.

A2A is a Movement of Innovative Missional Churches Transforming Australian Lives.

To reach Australia and beyond, the church needs innovative leaders. Leaders who will treasure the past but innovate for the future. Through the Acts 2 Alliance (A2A) you can now begin to envision new ways of doing church and will be empowered to take action to reach and impact local communities.

How do we help one another?

Jesus is Lord



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