Professional Pastoral Leadership training is not a guarantee of ministry longevity – but a lack of Pastoral Leadership training will almost certainly prevent it! While most ministry training programs emphasize the aspects of Theological, Biblical, and Ministry training, too few programs integrate these aspects into the practical application of Pastoral leadership. The issues that often lead to pastors losing their heart for vocation are rarely Theological, Biblical, or even Ministry related. Most commonly it comes down to conflicts of various kinds which prevent pastors from enduring and churches from prevailing. The A2A Minister Induction and Training Development Program not only utilises some of the highest accredited training resources available, it also encompasses an internship component and several key intensives that equip the A2A minister with the resources to endure and thrive in their ministry while being involved in building prevailing churches.


The local church rises or falls on the strength of its leadership. A2A is committed to equipping and developing local church leaders who can endure and lead churches which prevail. Giftedness and calling alone are not sufficient to ensure this. It requires that leaders be invested with certain knowledge, wisdom and character. Accordingly, the A2A Pastoral Leadership Development Program has been developed to help the called to be the equipped.

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