Ministry Manual

The Constitution of A2A contains the rules by which we function to cover the requirements of all our legal responsibilities. By operating according to these rules, A2A will be an open and transparent movement which honours the trust of its members and maintains integrity in its function.

Policies and Procedures consists of written statements which frame how the movement functions in the areas which most affect how you do church work.

Guidelines for Ministerial and Administration Functions assists with suggested formats for various ministries and services of the local church.

All of these areas are covered in the A2A Ministry Manual.

Click here the Ministry Manual.

To access the A2A Policy Resource Bank, click here.



Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

Click here to access the A2A Keeping Child & Vulnerable people safe Policy

Click here to access example policy document for A2A Churches.

This is an example policy that aims to provide you the starting point for a working with children policy / risk management document for a local A2A church. It is essential that the document be updated with your local church name / contact details and reviewed to ensure that it can be implemented in your local context.

Social Media Policy

Click here to access an example social media policy

Social media has an incredibly powerful ability to help us meet people where they are but for your staff and volunteers can create a mine field on how to engage online in an appropriate manner. This document will give your team some guidance on this topic and reduce your risk in this sector.

Expense reimbursement form

Click here to access an example fringe benefit expense reimbursement form

This is an example expense reimbursement form. This type of form is recommended for any church related expense claim so that you can ensure good practice with account record keeping.