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2016 A2A Conference Media

Tim O’Neill closing Conference Session…

A2A Movement News & Updates…

Interview with Rod and Margaret Dymock…

Interview with Geoff Wilson…

Stu Cameron, Session 1…

Stu Cameron, Session 2…

Andrew Corbett – “Growing As A Pastor”…

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Carl Mutzelburg interviews Ted Pangilinan, and Matt Prater…

Phillip Mutzelburg – “Things I’ve Learned”…

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2015 A2A Conference Media

Date Speaker Title Play
October2015  Ps. Wayne Alcorn Leaving a Legacy  icon-youtube 
 Dr.Dale Stephenson Learning to Minister out of an overflow  icon-youtube 
Accepting Failure  icon-youtube 
Being Ready with your Yes  icon-youtube 
Building a Discipling Culture  icon-youtube 
Ps. Brad Huddleston Digital Addiction  icon-youtube 
Interview with Chris Bailey  icon-youtube 
Phil Benson returns  icon-youtube 
Phillip Mutzelburg Opening Session  icon-youtube 

Journaling by Phillip Mutzelburg –

Life in the Spirit by Trevor Chandler –



2016 A2A National Conference, Phillip Mutzelburg

2016 A2A National Conference, Phillip Mutzelburg, Phillip Mutzelburg

2016 A2A Conference delegates

2016 A2A Conference delegates


Chris Maynard and Matt Prater

Chris Maynard and Matt Prater