A2A Statement of Faith

  •  The divine inspiration and unique authority of Holy Scripture as given in the 66 books of the Bible (2Tim. 3:16-17).A2A
  •  The one and living God eternally co-existent in three Persons in unity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (2Cor. 13:14)
  •  The inherent corruptness of man through the Fall; the necessity for repentance and regeneration by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ alone; and, the everlasting separation from God of the finally impenitent (Eph. 2:8-9)
  •  A2AThe virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ (Heb. 7:25)
  •  Justification and sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ (Rom. 4:5)
  •   The Christian practices of Baptism in water by immersion, the Lord’s Supper, and Holy Marriage (Matt. 28:19; 1Cor. 11; Heb. 13:4)
  •  A2AThe security of the believer as they abide in Christ (John 15)
  •  The Baptism with the Holy Spirit for believers and the subsequent gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Cor 12,14)
  •  A2A Church leadership and ministry by those spiritually gifted and called to do so (Eph. 4:11-12)
  •   The personal and visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the everlasting fellowship with Christ of all the redeemed (Matt. 25:31)

About A2A

The Acts 2 Alliance Australia is a new movement of churches across Australia with growing international connections. Each church is committed to the values found in Acts chapter 2 with a strong emphasis on making disciples.

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