The weight of leadership can be crushing, wearing out leaders. And it’s rarely the weight of the work that wears leaders out, but the spiritual and emotional weight of leadership. But God has a solution to this.

Here’s my SOAP from today on some of the wisdom God gave Moses about how to lead without being crushed by the weight of leadership.

“Then I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take part of the spirit that is on you, and will put it on them, and they will bear some of the burden of the people with you, so that you do not bear it all by yourself.” Numbers 11:17

Moses had the job of leading the people of Israel through the wilderness to the foreign land. Trouble hit when the foreign rabble who went with them, those who wanted the promise of a better life but who weren’t willing to follow his leadership, started complaining about the food and how life was.

That’s a leaders lament because a whinging spirit spreads like cancer poisoning the attitudes of others as well.

Moses gets depressed and starts catastrophizing, magnifying the problems. The weight of leadership then becomes too great and he complains to God “I am not able to bear this entire people alone, because it is too heavy for me!” (v14)

Thankfully, God has a solution. He tells Moses:

1. Gather a bunch of people who others already look to for leadership.

2. I will provide you with guidance, so position yourself to hear me.

3. Have the other leaders positioned with you so that they can be guided by me and be in position to help you lead.

3. I will anoint others to help you lead so that the weight of leadership will be spread.

Leadership will always bring a weight that can be crushing. The worst weight isn’t in business but in the attitudes of people who are discontent. As they give voice to their discontent, it spreads with the effect of killing momentum, removing joy and creating disunity and division.

When there is disunity a leader can’t lead. Their first task must be in working to restore unity by either winning people over or weeding out the who wont play ball.

God’s solution is to work with those who are prepared to be united with the leader He has given them. He told Moses to choose people who would stand with him. Thats an important reflection. In times of leadership difficulty, who are the people who will stand with me?

As they are to stand with their leader, God will speak to them so that they will all be united around His common guidance. That way they will have a common vision. Holding onto different visions will always lead to di-vision.

The third thing that God will do is to take of the spirit that is on the leader and place it on others. When people act out of their own spirit that will have a spirit of independence and just do their own thing. Unity cant survive for long in such occasions.

Not everyone will want to come in under their leader in such a way that they take of the spirit that is on them. It takes a degree of humility and willingness to serve other person to be prepared to receive of the spirit that is on another person. So a leader must look for those who are prepared to serve them and the vision with the same spirit.

There is power in this. If God calls a leader to pursue a vision He has given them, he will amount that leader for the task, supernaturally empowering them and guiding them. God will not anoint other leaders in the team to pursue the same vision in different ways. That will only bring disunity. He will want all to walk in the same spirit together in accordance with the guidance that He gives.

Lord thank you for he unity that we have in the church. Thank you for the people you have brought who walk alongside each other with the same spirit. Continue to guide us. Empower us to pursue the vision that you have given us to make disciples who will change cities and impact nations.

Let us be a united body shining your light, beaming out your love, wisdom, mercy and righteousness to those in our city and beyond. Maintain the bond of unity that you have graciously given us, and use us to minister to others as your body; as Jesus would if He were on earth in physical form today. Amen.

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