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A2A's President's Update

Welcome to the A2A Movement Update for December 2016!

I’ve just been back a few days from India and was powerfully reminded whilst there of how we are united by the one God no matter what part of the globe we live on. It was wonderful hearing carols and Christmas celebrations from believers in India and catching a glimpse of how followers of Jesus from all over the world celebrate His birth. Christmas is a great reminder of the Father’s love in sending the Son to us, and that the Son, Jesus is the one who offers us all the priceless gift of new and eternal life that He provided through His death and resurrection. Across the face of the earth we remember, celebrate and worship Jesus regardless of location, race, or colour.

What a privilege it is to be His people – His body on earth, charged with the responsibility of taking His love and His good news to those who do not know Him. 2016 has been an exciting year for our movement. It’s been a year where we have made much progress in many areas. Some news and highlights are mentioned below. .


The 2016 Conference

The 2016 A2A Conference was an outstanding success with the record number of attendees giving it an average rating of nine out of ten. We were served wonderfully by our keynote speakers Jossy Chacko and Stu Cameron, as well as by other speakers from across our movement. A highlight for many was catching a glimpse of what was going on in different A2A churches as leaders from those churches were interviewed.

Many were stirred by Jossy’s exhortation to leaders to be custodians of the atmosphere and culture within our churches and to be like thermostats which change the temperature rather than like thermometers which merely read the temperature. Jossy urged us to create cultures of excitement, rejoicing and expectation, commenting that where there is expectancy, God will do great things. We are changing the time of year when the next A2A Conference will be held, so that we can move away from exam time for students and teachers. We are yet to finalise the venue but will need to change to a new venue due to growth but will continue to hold the conference on the Gold Coast with the next conference to be held from the evening of Monday 30 April 2018 to midday Thursday 3 May 2018. Please reserve these dates in your diary now. .


Leaders Together

In 2017 we will be holding four rather than the normal three Leaders Together events and for the first time, will be holding each Leaders Together events in four states. Dates for 2017 are-





Thurs 23 Feb Sat 25 Feb Wed 22 Feb Thurs 16 Feb
Thurs 11 May Sat 13 May Wed 17 May Thurs 18 May
Thurs 27 July Sat 5 Aug Wed 9 Aug Thurs 10 Aug
Thurs 26 Oct Sat 28 Oct Tues 14 Nov Thurs 16 Nov


Please Pray for the National Leadership Team Retreat

The National Leadership Team has four meetings scheduled for 2017, but prior to the first meeting, we will be gathering together for a retreat in Tasmania to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are sensing that the Holy Spirit is leading us to build on and blend our charismatic, evangelical and restoration foundations to be a people who will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit as we embrace the Good News and the mission that Jesus has given us of going and making disciples.

The retreat will be held on Tuesday 14 February. We would greatly appreciate your prayers leading up to this time; that we will be able to hear from the Spirit and be carried along by Him (2 Peter 1:21). .


Coaching for Young Leaders

Just over a year ago, the National Leadership Team made a priority of not only trying to identify potential young leaders, but also of seeking to create a culture and implementing measures to see them developed with the aim of seeing them equipped for and potentially choose a life of ministry. An important part of this is a coaching program that is being put together and will be released in the new year. The coaching program will have a number of components that will include academic coaching, personal coaching, coaching via practicums and special modules that will focus on growing character and developing a persons worldview.

This is an exciting development that is important to the future of our movement. We will provide more information in the New Year. .


Mentoring of Leaders

We are well advanced in developing a mentoring framework for A2A leaders with Ps Phillip Mutzelburg assembling a team of experienced leaders from within the movement as well as drawing on expertise from without. This is an important development in terms of our commitment to see our leaders be both healthy and enduring. More information will be provided as this is rolled out in coming months. .


The A2A Pastoral Leadership Program

It has been great to see the number of people both young and old enrol in the A2A Pastoral Leadership Development Program this year. Feedback from people studying the distance education subjects offered by Global University and administered in Australia by ICI College has been outstanding. Dr Andrew and Kim Corbett lead ICI College and can be contacted here for more information about the courses offered. .


Internships In The Churches

One of the best ways of cultivating the leaders of tomorrow is by offering internships. In the church that I lead, I have had 6 interns this year, and spending time with them has been one of my highlights for the year as I have seen them grow in their faith and character as well as in their ministry gifts and abilities. Different A2A churches offer internships in a variety of ways, but the common goal is to envision and better equip men and women for ministry. It’s a way that we can raise up the pastors and church planters of tomorrow as well as elders and other ministry leaders. You can email me at timo@a2a.org.au if you would like more information about how an internship may help you. .


Photos of Your Church

A2A-water_baptismsPrincess Night, Children's outreachYou are probably aware that A2A has a Facebook Page that is open for anyone to look at. We put up posts every day with the intention of encouraging people in our churches in a positive way and in a way that helps them relate to being part of a wider movement; the A2A family of churches. We would love to celebrate your church and the good things that you are doing on our Facebook Page. You can help us to do this by putting photos on your Facebook Page and web site that illustrate the events that you put on as well as the life of the church. It would be great to have photos beyond your actual worship service that portray your community and activities. We can then use this photos to help others in A2A catch a glimpse of what goes on in your church.


News About Pastors and Churches

Welcome Maryborough to A2ADuring the year we welcomed Ps Chris and Glenys Foley and their teams at Grace Community Church in Maryborough Queensland and Ps Gregory and Shurnell Williams at Transform Church in St Albans Victoria who have joined A2A.

Congratulations also to Harry De Vries and Momentum Church in Coomera Queensland who have launched out from Church One under the leadership of Ps Ted Pangilinan and Church One. And thank you to Ps Eugene and Judy Bognar who have had a wonderful time of ministry at the Rock Christian Church and are now handing over the reigns to Ps Sean Wood and his wife Annette who are relocating from Tasmania to Queensland with their family to take on the role of leading the church. Congratulations to Ps Eugene and Judy and to Ps Sean and Annette. .


Conference Videos

You can now view most of the sessions from our last conference on our Media Page. Check back in regularly as more videos are being regularly uploaded. 

Last Thoughts

You will have caught at least a glimpse of how important it is for for the leadership of A2A to be identifying and raising young leaders. Indeed the future health of our movement needs this to occur, with the average age of our senior pastors being 55 years old. Some may ask, “What about us older ones?” Well, the good news is that scripture tells us that we have important work to be done as Scripture envisages intergenerational ministry. Psalm 71:8 reminds us of this-

Even when I am old and gray, O God, do not abandon me, until I tell the next generation about your strength, and those coming after me about your power. 

The two questions that I have for the many in our churches who are my age or older or even younger are these:

  • what do I have that I can pass on to the next generation?
  • how can I best do this?

I make no secret of the fact that one of the best times of the week for me is a two hour group mentoring session with the interns in my church. During this time I try to pass on to them the important things that I have learned in ministry. That is something that all of us can do. I encourage you all to pass on what you have received to the next generation who are following in your footsteps. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. May it be a time of joy as you enter into a season of promise.


Tim O’Neill
President, A2A

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