The A2A Movement Update

Welcome to the A2A Movement Update for August 2016!

One of the great things about A2A is the diversity that is found across our movement. We are a movement that embraces diversity, but at the same time we are a movement that is united through relationship and have a keen desire to be modern in our expression of the amazing church that we read about in Acts 2.

You can see this across the churches in our movement where some churches have thriving youth ministries, whilst others have a focus in reaching out to the homeless. Others have ministries are devoted to immigrant people groups, whilst others have ministries to the business world. We are a diverse movement, but as our motto says “together we can!”.

2016 Conference

Conference time is fast approaching. We are fortunate to have Jossy Chacko as our key speaker. Jossy has forged a significant international apostolic ministry that is impacting the lives of millions of people. He is a dynamic leader and speaker who is sure to challenge and inspire you.13686761_1127535190603207_7048359344846383479_n This month Jossy will  be speaking at the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek in Chicago, which has a viewing audience of approx. 300,000 people world wide.

Jossy will be well supported by our other keynote speaker, Stuart Cameron. Stu leads a large charismatic Uniting Church on the Gold Coast.

The theme of the Conference, (which will be held at Q1 on the Gold Coast from 31 October to 3 November this year) is “Grow” It will be a time to have your tank topped up, to help you grow in your faith and to grow as a leader. You can find out more information about the Conference and register here.

Discovering and Raising Up Young Leaders

Young Leaders ForumDiscovering and raising up young leaders is a priority for A2A and is critical to the future health of our movement and it’s churches. The National Leadership Team has been working to identify how we can better identify young leaders and see them equipped for ministry, with Carl Mutzelburg holding workshops with young leaders to help us work out the steps that we need to put in place.

Did you now that across our movement the average age of our senior leaders is 55? A consequence of this is  that over coming years, quite a few A2A churches will be be looking to transition leadership to younger leaders.

So instead of waiting until transition needs to happen, we are keen to invest into young people who may have leadership potential, equipping them for ministry, whether it be as a senior leader, a ministry leader, as a church planter or as a good elder.

Perhaps you may know of young people where you see the potential for a call to ministry, or you may be a young person interested in ascertaining whether you amy be called to ministry? If so, we’d love to hear from you and can be contacted at or by adding a comment below.

Introducing Grace Community Church

Grace MaryboroughWe are delighted to welcome Chris Foley as an ordained A2A Minister together with Grace Community Church which he and his wife Glenys pioneered in Maryborough 16 years ago. Many of the Queenslanders would remember Chris as an Independent Member of the Queensland Parliament.

Chris was quoted in the Fraser Coast Chronicle some years ago as saying “Jesus intersected with the highways and byways. His cast-the-first-stone speech was all mercy and grace. Jesus was about people who have been shattered by society. That’s what Grace Church here is all about too.”

Welcome Chris, Glenys and Grace Community Church to A2A!

We are also pleased to report that we are currently talking to a number of other independent churches that are looking to become part of our movement.

Thank you Keith and Julia

A big shout out to Keith and Julia Pellicaan for their faithful work in pioneering Crossroads Church, a missional church that led to reach out to people who wouldn’t normally consider being involved in a church. Keith, Julia and their team recently decided that it was time for the ministry of Crossroads to come to an end.10155975_757174577634422_1994136737_n

We deeply admire people like Keith and Julia who respond to God’s missional call and are prepared to step out of the boat. Who knows how many faith seeds have been planted by their ministry over the years and how these seeds may continue to grow?

We are reminded that true success is not seen in numbers or the longevity of a ministry, but in faithful obedience to the call of God. Well done Keith and Julia and thank you for your faithfulness to God’s call!

A Big Welcome to Marcy Paynter

11057371_10204304452720864_5877535106975924814_nThe National Leadership Team of A2A has unanimously decided to ask Marcy Paynter to become part of the team. We believe that Marcy will add much to the team and will help us with innovative thinking. In accordance with the Rules of A2A, “all Credentialled ministers and Affiliated churches will be advised of all nominations for appointment to the National Leadership Team. Upon notification 30 days are given to prayerfully consider the nominations and to submit in writing to the President any concern or objections to such nominations.”

Any concerns or objections may be addressed to The President and either emailed to or posted to A2A, PO Box 276 Riverside Tasmania 7250 within 30 days of this Movement Update being published.

The National Leadership Team consists of Andrew Corbett, Rod Dowie, Carl Mutzelburg, Rick Paynter, Marcy Paynter (provisional subject to the above), Phillip Mutzelburg (President Emeritus) and Tim O’Neill (President).

Social Media Presence

It wasn’t that long ago that a church would be known for where it meets. People would drive by to check it out and gain a first impression. To a certain extent that is still true, but increasingly a church’s digital address is becoming more important that it’s physical address in forming those initial impressions. Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.33.30 PM

Thats an important reason why churches really need to have some form of online presence, whether it be by having a web site, a Facebook page, or other online mediums. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it is important.

Having an online presence is important for our movement as well. If you haven’t checked out A2A’s online presence you can do so by clicking on the following for our web site and our Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” A2A Facebook page, we’d love it if you’d do this and share it with others as well.

Last Thoughts

PMM2013Dec2To wrap up this movement update, I want to pay tribute to the outstanding work that Phillip Mutzelburg has done firstly in taking the baton from Trevor Chandler and then with Trevor’s blessing and encouragement, re-birthing our movement as A2A. They are both outstanding men of God who have laid a solid foundation for us to build upon.

I’m pleased to report that Phillip’s health is improving and it’s great seeing energy and vitality flowing back to him, although full recovery is still a way off with rest and time out being needed.

A few weeks ago, with my wife Sharon, I stayed with Phillip and Mandy whilst in Ipswich. The evening before our National Leadership Team meeting Phillip got out some old prophetic words that he hadn’t looked at for many years, but that had been given by Frank Damazio and Phil Pringle some 20 to 30 years ago.

With the benefit of hindsight, the accuracy of these words was absolutely amazing, setting out with clarity Phillip’s ministry career. The words forewarned of hard times which later came, as well as the building of new ministries when some close to him would think that he had lost the plot. Incredibly, these words showed that what has happened, including the birthing of A2A has all been part of God’s amazing plan.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.46.23 PMGod had laid on my hear to bring a devotional to the meeting the last few verses of Hebrews 11 and the beginning of Hebrews 12. At first I didn’t know why, but hearing the words spoken over Phillip, it all made sense.

Pondering this, it occurred to me that none of us should look to leave a legacy, because a legacy is what we leave behind. Rather we should all look to set something in motion that with those to come, becomes greater than any legacy that we could ever leave.

Thats what Trevor did. What he set in motion was far greater than what was achieved in his lifetime. We are all beneficiaries of what he set in motion, and as we all receive the baton he passes on to us

With this in mind, the paradigm changes from “what we build” to what foundation we lay for others to continue to build upon “what we set in motion”.


True vision goes beyond our own lives. In Milan in Italy there is an amazing Cathedral that took 600 years to build. The person who had the vision for it had a vision that went well beyond his lifetime, and almost from the start, had to be preparing the baton to be passed as well as the people to pass the baton to.

This is a critical issue for leaders throughout the movement, and I’m not talking about our buildings. I’m talking about the enduring impact in people’s lives and eternities.

What are we setting in motion is to be handed over to the next person, before its too late. Who is the next person? Who are these people? The reality is that some or perhaps none of us will see what we want to be achieved in our lifetimes – but its not about what we build or even the legacy that we leave, but the foundation that we set and what we set in motion.

For me, it’s an honour and and a privilege to have been appointed as President of our movement, A2A, and with your help, I believe and hope that we can continue to build on the wonderful foundation that has been set before us.


Tim O’Neill,
President A2A (The Acts 2 Alliance).

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