You are Invited to the Table:  the Tasmanian gathering of A2A women.

I am a bread and wine girl.  For me there is nothing like accepting Jesus’ invitation to come to the table.

To accept a hand extended from the divine to help us with life.

To believe that there is a God in heaven who loves us dearly and who wants to be with us as we do life. That He is here and He is good.

You are InvitedAt the table I am constantly reminded that there are many things about life that I cannot change.

I can’t turn an old vinegar into a good red wine.

I can’t help someone choose present over perfect.

I can’t stop hurry or the hard.  I can’t fix, heal, or put broken pieces back together again.

I can’t change mindsets or belief systems.

But I can share what had been given to us in our hard, hurry and perfect life –a space at the table, a reminder that a helping hand from the one up above was present and available.

You are Invited

This is what this invitation is about

Girls coming together, offering ourselves, whole hearted and present, to walk with each other, to champion each other as we pursue, love and serve God.   To be present with each other as we walk through the joyful times of life, the messy times of Kingdom life – the hard and the peaceful.  That is all any of us can do but how powerful when women love well the table.

For me life at the table is hands passing bowls, knives and forks clinking against plates, bread being torn, laughter as stories old and new are weaved, the connection of hearts.

you are invitedSo gorgeous girls…

You Are Invited to the Table on September 17th at the Tailrace Centre.

We want to offer the gift of being present and hearing what God is doing in each of your local churches.  We want to pray for you, to cheer you on, to be inspired and take away some treasures.

We are going to be blessed to have Mandy Mutzelburg from Ipswich and a leader in our movement come and share her heart with us.

We will also be joined by:

  • Louisa De Bruyn and her team from the Rock at Penguin
  • Kim Corbett and her team from Legana
  • Jenna Hesp from Hobart who will be sharing about her journey of starting a discipleship making community
  • A few new faces from Tailrace.

Date:  17th September

Venue:  Tailrace Centre

Cost:  Offering

Time:  10am – 4pm

Child Care is provided.  Please let us know the names and ages of the children.

Bookings for the table are essential and you can do this simply by filling out the form below.  ( Please include dietary requirements -although we will try to keep the food LCHF so that we minimise dietaries)

The Menu

Entree:  Welcome Tea, Coffee and Bliss Balls

Worship and Praise

Main:  Mandy Mutzelburg:  Why God chose Mary.

Salads and Burgers ( yummy vego and protein ) with a fruit and yoghurt bar

Dessert:  The Girls Gathered sharing stories of how they are pursuing the Kingdom of God in their world.

Prayer, Blessing and lots of hugs to make sure that you know we love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate.  xxx

I hope you are like me have and have a voracious appetite for life.  That you will want to come and love and laugh and have a giggle.  I hope and pray this invitation will find a way into your heart and that you will say YES!


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