Today we introduce to you Pastor Steve Pidd

Steve pastors with his wife Evelyne (Em),  and three children Kass, Daniel and John

They pastor the Covenant Family Church

Why did you became a pastor

I have a passion to see people receive all that Jesus paid for and be equipped to minister it on.

What’s your highlight in ministry?

I honestly struggle to find a highlight, every time I see God heal or free somebody it is such a buzz…. if that is not too spiritual sounding!

What are your hobbies, favourite food and favourite film.

I really like playing tennis or table tennis but haven’t had time the last few years. Maybe later this year?

I have a real weakness for a good Pizza but probably only indulge 2 or 3 times a year as I am trying to avoid being too FULL gospel, if you know what I mean. The original Matrix film is hard to go past with its picture of a takeover of the Earth, its people going mindlessly through life in a program that is not reality, John the Baptist figure, Judas and savior who goes through a journey of faith growth into realizing who he is and what is really possible. Throw in a prophet, a resurrection etc. etc. it’s hard to go past!

What are you currently reading

At the moment I am Snacking. Re reading a number of books. Probably right now God’s Generals tops the list.

What is your vision or hope or dream for 2016

In 2016 we are relaunching our School of Healing and Freedom under the new banner of 418 Centre. This comes from Luke 4:18 where Jesus announced that the Spirit of the Lord was on Him and what the outworking of that anointing would be. Clearly the Holy Spirit is now on the church to meet the needs of mankind in the same way. We are hoping to see 418 Centre’s pop up in churches all over the place. We have the privilege of training Pastors and leaders overseas this year and we hope this results in ‘seeding’ these places with more ministry tools to bring the good news. The 418 Centre website should be running by the middle of April.

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