I love it when those who are far from Christ get raised into a new life with him.  Taylor is one pastor that was far from Christ who is now living a radical life for Jesus.
Real Pastor:  Taylor Forward
Hi I’m Taylor Forward and my family has only just began 🙂 I have been married for almost 4 years to the amazing Danielle Forward. 
and hopefully in the next few years our Forward family will grow 🙂 
946367_540800785961025_185699439_n Real Pastor: Taylor Forward
 I pastor the rock community church (the one in Tas) with my mother in law Louisa De Bruyn.

 Real Pastor: Taylor Forward
Why did I become a Pastor?
 I ask my self the same question quite often hahahahah
 There are a few big contributing factors to why I decided that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.   The main one (super corny) is that I truly feel like it is a calling on my life + I just LOVE seeing young people make good life decisions weather that be to follow Jesus for the 1st time or to continue to follow him.
 I have had ALOT of amazing moments in ministry but its really hard to top the moments when the Holy Spirit shows up and lives get changed in a physical, mental and spiritual way. Camps and special events are a good one for this!!! We have a youth camp coming up in the next few weeks and I’m believing of this one to be the biggest highlight to date!!
Real Pastor: Taylor Forward 205224_394771527297088_1082928990_n
 By far my biggest hobby is drifting! (if you dont know what it is google it, but its a form of motorsport 😉 If Im not doing something to do with church or youth the chances are I am doing something to do with drifting weather it be working on the car or racing the car! 
– I like all kinds of movies and all kinds of food 🙂
Real Pastor: Taylor Forward I am currently reading a few book (i just need to finish some hahah) 
 I’m reading a book on Paul from Beth Moore.  Paul is by far my favourite bible character (apart from Jesus obviously) 
 Counter Culture by David Platt and the Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton
Taylor What is your vision or hope or dream for 2016
 To stick at it!!! I just want to continue to facilitate an environment where leaders can be bought up and new believers can grow, where people that are far from Jesus can meet him for the 1st time!
 I have a crazy dream to see 1000 young people per week coming through one of our 3 youth ministries, and as I type that it still seams like a some what stupid dream but one thing I have learnt with God is that I can never set the bar too high for him!!
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