Who can’t help but love this bubbly warm couple who Pastor at New Hope Brisbane.

Let’s meet Real Pastor:  Matt & Carol Prater.

Why did you become a pastor?

I felt called to become a youth pastor in my late teens, and after about 10 years as a youth pastor, I thought I’d be one forever. Then when the opportunity came up to Pastor at New Hope, I was really shocked. I thought maybe one day I might be able to do that, but I didn’t feel equipped. I’d done Bible college, and I’d worked in Christian radio, & I thought I was way too underqualified. So Carol & I sought the Lord, & threw out fleeces, and everything pointed towards Pastoring. And even though I didn’t feel ready, sometimes the best training, is on the job training. And what a journey the last ten years have been.

us3 Real Pastor: Matt & Carol Prater

What do you love about the church you are pastoring?

I love New Hope. We are an inner-city church with a great mix of people. We have over 35 nationalities, heaps of Uni students, families, and homeless people. One of the favourite things we’ve launched is a weekly Soup kitchen, I go around & pick up people from the homeless shelters & we give them a 3 course meal & some clothes and a bag of goodies to take away with them. We’ve seen a lot of people come to Christ, & we just saw 6 baptisms from this group last week!

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are going to the beach & the pool with the kids. Walking along the creek near our house, searching for treasure with the kids, watching movies and date nights with my bride.

What are you Reading at the moment?

I’m currently reading “Positioned for Miracles,” By Dr Jerry Stott (Area Missionary, Foursquare churches)  “Faith Under Fire” By Andrew White – Vicar of Baghdad, & “A Joyful Pilgrimage” by Emmy Arnold about the Bruderhof Christian community in Inverell

 Favourite Movie?

Is Courageous.

Favourite food?

Is Eggs Benedict with Salmon.

Real Pastor: Matt & Carol Prater

What is your Why? What gets you excited?

What gets me excited about ministry is to see souls saved. The Lord challenged me about the Parable of the Kings Banquet. We need to go out to the highways & byways & compel the lost, the sick, the crippled and the lonely to come & be saved. I felt challenged a few years ago, that if New Hope was taken out of our city, who would notice? We need to impact our community, we need to shine a light in this dark world.

What is your hope for 2016?

My hope for 2016 is to raise up more connect groups to disciple our new converts. We went from 3 connect groups to 7 last year, & we want to raise up more this year. Every believer should be discipled in a connect group, and each connect group should raise up new leaders, to launch new groups. This is one thing we are focussing on now.


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