Real Pastor:  David Busby

I love it when I see young people hear the whisper of God to full time pastoral work.  I often think of Samuel as a young boy hearing the whisper of God.  How exciting must Samuel have been.  He fulfilled his calling faithfully throughout his entire life and this is my prayer for this younger generation.  That they will hear the whisper, find the courage and make it to the finish line.  I think they are going to have to have the courage and stamina that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had.  But if they can leave the same kind of legacy how amazing will that be.

Today we head to South Australia to Almond Grove Family Church where Real Pastor: David Busby and wife Olivia are pastoring.

David, Why did you became a pastor?
You could joke that I’m ‘continuing the family tradition,’ as my Mum and Dad were my predecessors – but I became a Pastor because I believe that I was called. If that sounds lofty, believe me when I tell you that it was not something that I sought out, or chased specifically. Having seen the ‘behind the scenes,’ I was somewhat of a reluctant leader. God, however, has a way of making Himself pretty clear when you continue to chase after His plan for your life. That, paired with the fact that I like helping people thrive, goes a fair way to explaining the ‘why.’

What do you love about the church you are pastoring?

I love the people in my church. I love their heart to worship God, I love their willingness to display their love by their generosity and I love their passion to display what the Bible calls God’s lovingkindness – that is, ‘grace’ and ‘mercy.’


What are your hobbies?
I love eating out with friends – food has always been one of my passions. I’m also a fan of anything sport related – Name a sport, I’m probably into it. I also enjoy noodling around on my guitar, and going out for coffee dates with my wife and 2 beautiful little daughters.

What are you currently reading? 

I’m actually re-reading Brad Huddleston’s excellent book calledDigital Cocaine. I’ve got kids, so the issues in that book are really timely for us as a family.

Real Pastor: David Busby
What is your favourite movie
I wish I had a more classy answer to this, but I love anything from the Marvel Universe.

What is your favourite food
I love all  sorts of food, but always find it hard to go past a chicken parmy (‘parma,’ for my eastern states friends!)


Real Pastor: David Busby

What is your Why – or what gets you delighted in ministry

I love to see the lights go on. It’s a total privilege to hang out with someone and help them find a truth, or an expression of truth for the very first time. To give people the tools they need to be able to stand, and live a fulfilled, successful and resilient life is all sorts of tremendous.

What is it that you hope for in 2016.

Our church has been built on such a strong, steady foundation over many years, owing to my parents, who have been (and continue to be) fabulous.  In 2016, my hope for our church is that we would begin to see the results of what we’ve been talking about over the journey.

Our challenge is to find effective ways of reaching the community that we love so much, and that is growing at a rapid rate of knots.  We still feel, after all these years, that the key to our area lies in the name of our church.

We are called ‘Almond Grove Family Church.’   In a world that seems to have an ever-changing concept about the true meaning of the word ‘family,’ it seems to me that there has never been a more important time to show what God’s family is like, and what it’s like to feel at home in God’s family.  It’s supposed to be a place you can safely grow, and a place where the rest of your family have your back.

I hope to inspire Almond Grove to not only demonstrate God’s idea of family, but also draw others into His family.

On a personal note, we are having our third child in August – so mostly, I just hope for a few good nights sleep before then…


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