Real Pastor:  Marcy Paynter

Marcy is a pastor at Gateway Church.  Together with her husband Rick they pastor this creative and energetic church in Frankston Victoria.

This woman is inspiring, energetic and visionary.

Marcy – Why pastor? 

Simply love the church!  I truly believe it has the power to change the world.  I love to be in the center of God’s activity in our area as He works his will through the church.

What do you love about Gateway? 

It’s sense of humour!  We love to laugh at ourselves, to have fun, to celebrate the good things in life.  I love the freedom I have here to use creative ways of communicating the Gospel.  I love the fact that my kids still love this church and have found a place to use their gifts.

Real Pastor:  Marcy Paynter

Real Pastor:  Marcy PaynterWhat are your Hobbies?

I was an art teacher in a “Previous” life- love to paint, quilt, knit, cook, eat out, watch movies and binge on great TV drama

What are you Currently reading? 

“Ancient –Future Evangelism “ by Robert Webber.  Great stuff about discipleship and the spiritual climate that we live in.

What is your Favourite movie? –

I am really preferring great TV shows at the moment.  LOVE  “Friday Night Lights” and “Call the Midwife”

What is your Favourite Food?

We have recently removed sugar and white things from our diet so love fresh natural stuff like baked vegies and fruit salad.

What gets you delighted?

I love to create moments of beauty and transcendence that give people an ache in their heart for the Kingdom- what will be. This might be using drama, music, art, dance. I love to see the talents of artists blossom and watch young artists fly like eagles.

Real Pastor:  Marcy Paynter

What is your Hope for 2016?

This year is our 30th birthday as a church.  Very few leaders have the privilege of walking with ONE church family for that period of time.  We have been through some amazing highs and some devastating lows but by God’s grace we are still here.  I want to celebrate God’s goodness this year. I want to launch more and more young leaders into positions of responsibility.  I want to start the process of doing myself out of a job!  I want to inspire our people to love God more, to cherish the church more, both at Gateway and around the country.

On a more personal note, we will be producing a brand new play called “The Songs of Jesse Adams” that recontexualizes the story of Christ into 1960’s Melbourne. It is based on a wonderful book that moved me greatly and I am passionate about bringing it to the stage.  My hope is it will be a play that inspires secular people to investigate the person of Christ closely and to fall in love with Him.



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