Real Pastor:  Carl Mutzelburg

I love real Pastors.  There is something so special about being called to be a pastor.  Today we are so excited to introduce to you Carl Mutzelburg from Catalyst Church in Ipswich.  Carl sits on the National Leadership team of A2A but more then that he is a real pastor putting his heart and soul into his local church.  So here goes…

Carl is married to the gorgeous Jessica and they have 3 absolutely gorgeous girls that have big generous hearts and lots of spirit.  Real Pastor: Carl Mutzleberg

RReal Pastor: Carl Mutzelburg Carl I’m always curious as to why people became a pastor. Give me the why?

At the heart of why I became a pastor would be calling. However I am aware I resisted this to some degree. I was a pastors kid so I was under no illusion of the difficulties in leading people and a church. None the less, God has been gracious and led me beyond just an obligation to my calling and increasingly into an understanding of service because of His love.

What do you love about the church you are pastoring?

I love that we try to live up to our name. Catalyst technically means something that changes other things while not changing itself being changed by those things in the process. This is a pretty good summary of how the gospel outworks itself in the world. It doesn’t change but it changes things. Our church increasingly is willing to live up to the calling to move beyond ourselves and impact our world.

 RReal Pastor: Carl Mutzelburg

What are your hobbies?

Squash. Watching Cricket. Movies. Coffee with my wife.

RReal Pastor: Carl Mutzelburg

What are you currently reading?

Pioneering Movements by Steve Addision and Center Church by Tim Keller.

What is your favourite movie?

Groundhog Day (I would love to live that day!)

What is your favourite food?

Fresh prawns and thousand island dressing.

What gets you delighted in ministry?

Seeing people take ground in their own life that causes the church to take ground. But this is variable dependant on seasons, I know it sounds spiritual but really delighting in the love of the Father is where I am centering my thoughts.

What is it that you hope for in 2016.

I have had two conversations with blokes recently, unchurched blokes, really lamenting about the state of the world…one a neighbour down the street, one at a BBQ, but they were talking about things that were happening out there in the world – and not just ISIS and Syria and what not, but things that are happening right here in Australia. All sorts of things, “…Fathers and mothers hurting their children, how marriages are failing, how it isn’t safe these days to go to the shops,” and both of them basically said to me, “…where do we turn, what is the hope?”

Sensing a bit of a moment, I looked one in the eye and I said, “… well you know that is why I give my life to see the church grow and prevail. Because I know the church gets a bad wrap but I believe it is really the only hope.” And I saw him just look at me….curiously. I could tell it was a strange thought and totally foreign to him.

But I believe this to the core of my being. The church is the hope of the world. There is no other plan. We are it!

I know it is a big dream, but I hope that in 2016 Catalyst understands that they are blessed to be a blessing. To be a blessing to others you first have to understand the blessing you have been given. Sometimes we think blessing is all about financial reward, abundance of talents, skills, ease of passage in your calling (and God may or may not choose to give us these things in his mighty power….I think he often does). But beyond all, he has already given us our blessing. It is Jesus Christ and relationship with God the father. We should be enraptured with this.

That then causes us to be a blessing. This is both as individuals and corporately as a church. But God never blesses without a reason. Tim Keller says, God is a spiritual tornado, “…He always draws us in to send us out.”

For our church we do things corporately – all sorts of programs in our community that will bless people. From Coach, to CAP, Mainly Music, mission trips and ministry opportunities within the church. However the biggest revelation for people in our church this year may be that their role may simply to be to have coffee on Monday morning with their neighbour or join their P&C. These things and the million more that there are let us be God’s light in this world. We are blessed to be a blessing.





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