Real Pastor:  Kevin Thomas
Can you imagine being called by God to spend your time leading and building his body on planet earth?  This is what our pastors are called to do.  It is a strange, wonderful, exciting, demanding  and adventurous life.
Today we meet Real Pastor:  Kevin Thomas from OurChurch on the Gold Coast.
Kevin is married to Anne and together they are pouring their heart and soul into this beautiful part of the Australian scene.
Kevin why did you became a pastor?
 “God called me to partner with HIM to help people stay on the journey of being conformed to Christ”
What do you love about the church you are pastoring?
I love watching people mature in their faith walk.
What are your hobbies?
Photography, Music & Songwriting, Motorcycles
What are you currently reading? 
 Divine Mentor (The why behind daily devotions) – Ps Wayne Cordeiro, Rising Above –  Ps Wayne Cordeiro & Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero
What is your favourite movie?
 Lord of The Rings Trilogy and First Knight.
What is your favourite food? I now have to eat for my  blood type which is very strict.   My heart yearns and craves for  Pizza or Pasta 🙁
What is your Why – or what gets you delighted in ministry?
Seeing people fall in love with God through Jesus and then joyfully use their gifts and talents to extend His love mercy and grace to others in His name. Everyday disciples making disciples!
What is it that you hope for in 2016?  
That our God will release to help us re- purpose our spiritual home (building) to bring it into the 21st century as an income generating asset for mission and discipleship purposes.
That everyone who calls OurChurch home will realise that the Lord wants to add daily in number to the church those being saved through them. I am hoping to see all our Villages and G3 groups become missional at the very core of their being, ready to be disciplinng people from the world in which they live right into the family of faith.
That daily devotions and journalling embeds itself deeper in our hearts  as the vital catalyst for staying on the journey of being conformed to the image of Christ… His Word, Revealed by His Spirit, if obeyed leads to transformation..
Thats my hope for 2016.
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