I was reading the other day and was challenged to be someone who others would look at and see as being naturally spiritual. Not kooky spiritual, but being a naturally spiritual person.

The book said that often we go around looking for people who are open to us and receptive to a spiritual message, when in fact if we are naturally spiritual, they will often find us and be the ones who initiate a spiritual conversation.

ConversationWhy? Because they are searching and see in us something that both attracts them and suggests that we have some of the answers to the spiritual questions that they have, but mightn’t even be able to clearly articulate. Of course, this assumes that we are living an authentic walk as a follower of Jesus so that we project Him in and through our lives.

David Watson (in his book Contagious Disciple Making) recounted how he once walked into an Asian village. As he entered the village for the first time, a man greeted him and asked him where he had been and why he had taken so long, and then told David that he and others were waiting to hear the message he had to bring. Apparently this man had a dream 20 years before of David entering the village and that dream had re-occurred over the years. God had gone in advance and prepared a person of peace who opened the whole village to the gospel.

That’s the thing. God does go in advance and prepares the hearts of those who are open to Him. And often it’s not so much a matter of us finding them, but of them finding us.

The people He prepares will be open to or even attracted to us, and hungry for spiritual answers.

Reflecting on this, that’s certainly been my experience and the experience of my wife Sharon and a number of others at Tailrace Community in more recent times.

When people know that you have a faith that is vibrant and natural; naturally supernatural, if those people like what they see, they will have questions and will often be drawn to you because they see that you have something that they are curious about or even searching for.

So how can we be naturally supernatural?

I think it’s not so much about what we try to project, but what we don’t try to hide. Without being obnoxious about it, we wear our faith for all to see.

When people ask what you did on the weekend, a naturally spiritual person will be able to comment that “I really enjoyed church on Sunday; got heaps out of it”.

When someone is sick or has a need, go one step beyond saying that you will pray for them, and offer to pray for them. Now.

You can let people who are in a struggle know that you have been praying for them, and ask them to let you know when they see an answer to your prayers.

If they are open, offer to catch up with them say weekly and read the bible with them. You can let God’s word do the talking. You don’t need to have all the answers.

It made me think.

Am I a human torch that projects light for all to see? Or do I put my dimmers on and hide the light that Christ wants to shine through me?

Jesus said:

“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a lampstand so that those who come in can see the light.” (Luke 8:16)

That’s the thing. It’s not that I have to turbo charge my spirituality to get it out there and be super Christian. It’s more that I need to make sure that I’m not hiding it; by being naturally supernatural and allowing people to see what Jesus has done and is doing in me – naturally.

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